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April 3 - April 25 Thursday - Saturday 8pm

Tuesday April 21st and Saturday April 25th 1pm

Meyer Theatre

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Real Housewives of the U.P.

You’ve seen the TV show now see the reality musical on the Meyer stage.¬† Regular U.P. Housewives Kelly and Lisa are pregnant, from the same cameraman of the hit TV reality show Real Housewives of the U.P.¬† Director Pat and Host Frank Fungi need to replace them asap!¬† They hold auditions and select two newbies!¬† Then the shenanigans start! Did Kasey really do a lap dance on Amy’s husband?¬† Will the Humongus Fungus Fund Raiser be a success?¬† All these questions and more will be answerd on The Real Housewives of the U.P.



June 5 - June 20 Thursday - Saturday 8pm

Saturday June 20th 1pm

Meyer Theatre

Duck Creek Dynasty

They say the party starts in Howard Suamico.

Who the heck is Howard Suamico and how do I get to his house and his famous parties?


WHO KILLED AL / ALICE CAPONE! Murder, Musical, Comedy, Mystery, Dinner Show (All New) Coming soon!

Who killed Al / Alice Capone?

A¬†Let Me Be Franks¬†murder mystery at Miscauno Island.¬† Frank’s first attempt at what is called a murder, musical, comedy, mystery dinner show.¬† Starring David Gusloff, Amy Riemer, Emily Paulsen, Pat Hibbard and Frank Hermans.¬† They say Al Capone visited Miscauno Island (The Four Seasons Resort) in the early 20′s.¬† Well did you know Baby Face Nelson, the lady in the Red Dress and Dillenger were there too?¬† And Al Capone was killed?¬† Who did it?¬† Elliot Ness is sent in to investigate.¬† Funny, yes I said it, Funny!


July 17 - August 17 Thursday - Saturday 8pm

Saturday August 15th 1pm and Monday August 17th 1pm

Meyer Theatre

Jail House (Green Bay Reformatory) Rock

A prison break at the reformatory? Well, maybe it was more of an uprising in the early 60′s.

Two rival gangs, the Oldies and the Goldies, match wits on more privileges at the reformatory in the 50s and 60s.


September 18 - October 10 Thursday - Saturday 8pm

Saturday October 10th 1pm

Meyer Theatre

“The Activity Bus” Denmark

I joined sports for two reasons – to ride the activity bus and get some other kind of activity.

Te 80s were a time for learning the ropes for some of us older cast members. And I learned the ropes in Denmark, Wisconsin!

Tribute Algoma

Saturday May 2nd Suring, Red Maple golf course....for tickets call 920-373-3799 SOLD OUT.....Saturday May 9th Algoma PAC with the all-star Tribute band!

Algoma PAC 920-487-7001 ext 2302

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Frank’s Tribute Shows

“Franks Tribute” is unlike any other Tribute review.¬† We look at the humorous side of the artists from the 50′s,¬†60′s and 70′s, such as:¬† Elvis, Reba, Yakkov Smirnoff, Gallagher, Cher,¬†Patsy Cline,¬†¬†Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, Barbara Striesand,¬† Dusty Springfield¬†and Janis Joplin.¬† Franks Tribute will have you laughing in the aisle, and wowing at the uncanny likenesses!¬† Frank’s will be doing¬† Tribute shows¬†thoughout the area .¬† Artists are available individually or as a group.¬†¬† 920-405-1133.


December 2 - December 23 Evening shows 8pm

Check ticketstar for matinees at 1pm

Meyer Theatre

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A Frank’s Christmas

Fun and frolic for the whole family.

Frank and the gang will tug at the heartstrings and tickle your funny bone.

Incredible voices and a hilarious story about the holidays.