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September 18 - October 10 Thursday - Saturday 8pm

Saturday October 10th 1pm

Meyer Theatre

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“The Activity Bus” Denmark

I joined sports for two reasons – to ride the activity bus and get some other kind of activity.

Te 80s were a time for learning the ropes for some of us older cast members. And I learned the ropes in Denmark, Wisconsin!


WHO KILLED AL / ALICE CAPONE! Murder, Musical, Comedy, Mystery, Dinner Show Friday October 16th Titletown Brewery 301 N. Broadway. Fundraiser for NEW Community Shelter...Friday October 23 Equity Hall Pound tickets at 715-789 2147 or

Who killed Al / Alice Capone?

A¬†Let Me Be Franks¬†murder mystery.¬† Frank’s first attempt at what is called a murder, musical, comedy, mystery dinner show.¬† Starring Paul Evansen¬†, Amy Riemer,¬†Tom Verbrick,¬†Pat Hibbard and Frank Hermans.¬† They say Al Capone visited Wisconsin in the early 20’s.¬† Well did you know Baby Face Nelson, the lady in the Red Dress and Dillenger were there too?¬† And Al Capone was killed?¬† Who did it?¬† Elliot Ness is sent in to investigate.¬† Funny, yes I said it, Funny!

Tribute CP New

Sunday Sept. 6th Elvis and Reba Calumet County Fair....Wednesday Oct 7th Senior Fest Shopko Hall 11:30-12:30...Thursday October 15th The Woods Crivitz 6pm dinner 7pm show....Saturday November 7th The Gathering Shawano 6pm dinner 7pm show...Sunday November 15th 3pm River Rail Shioctin, 7pm Suring Golf Course...Saturday November 28th The Mariner Kaukauna6pm dinner 7pm Tribute Christmas

10% of all earnings from Tribute go directly to CP

Frank’s Tribute Shows

“Franks Tribute” is unlike any other Tribute review.¬† We look at the humorous side of the artists from the 50’s,¬†60’s and 70’s, such as:¬† Elvis, Reba, Yakkov Smirnoff, Gallagher, Cher,¬†Neil Sedaka,¬†¬†Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, Barbara Striesand,¬† Dusty Springfield, Neil Diamond¬†and Janis Joplin.¬† Franks Tribute will have you laughing in the aisle, and wowing at the uncanny likenesses!¬† Frank’s will be doing¬† Tribute shows¬†thoughout the area .¬† Artists are available individually or as a group.¬†¬† 920-405-1133.


December 2 - December 23 Evening shows 8pm

Check ticketstar for matinees at 1pm

Meyer Theatre

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A Frank’s Christmas “The Algoma Schooner”

Christmas trees were brought to Chicago via Algoma in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.¬† We take you on a magical voyage to Chicago on our Christmas Tree Schooner.¬† The famous lake Michigan pirate “Black goatee” is out to steal the trees and sell them in Detroit.¬† Who would sell to a Lions fan?¬† Wait a minute we were going to sell to Bears fans.